Choose the right word – hoard or horde? An easy way to remember!

Choose the Right Words

I saw this word confusion mistake in the opening few lines of a magazine – to escape the HOARDS of travellers…

Spell check wouldn’t pick it up. Hoards is a proper word – just the wrong word in this context.

From my experience working with super-smart young people (far smarter than I am!), I find many young writers either:

1. don’t know what word to choose – when faced with similar words

2. don’t care about what word to choose. (We don’t know – our audience won’t know the difference – why care?)

If you DO care –

Horde (noun) – is a crowd or mass or large number

Hoard (noun) – is a stash or stockpile and (verb) to stash or create a stockpile.

There are TV shows about people who HOARD things.


So, the writer in the magazine should have written – to escape the HORDES of travellers.

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