How little language mistakes can cause you big embarrassment!

Choose the Right Words

How little language mistakes can cause you  big embarrassment!

Don’t YOU appreciate when people point out your  wrong word mistakes? – discreetly of course!

 french 60s

I am eternally grateful to a French waiter who corrected me about my French pronunciation and choosing a similar-sounding word – but the WRONG word!

I was working as a piano-vocalist  in an elegant fine dining restaurant.

I was singing songs in French and  I thought I was so  classy and cool and cosmopolitan .

In reality  – I was embarrassing myself to anyone who spoke French.

And it all came down to how I pronounced a vowel sound.

I was supposed to be singing “pourtant” (however or still)  but they way I pronounced it sounded like a  less formal French word that means “prostitute”. So in this elegant restaurant I am proudly singing “PROSTITUTE”.

I am very grateful to…

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Don’t mess up in front of your PIERS! How to avoid embarrassing word mistakes in important business presentations >

Choose the Right Words

The important business presentation was very going well.

The presenter had the audience’s full attention – the graphs and numbers were impressive – but then, titters of laughter and a crash in credibility – all because of word confusion – one little mistake!

The presenter was talking about the effect of PEER group pressure – but on the screen, on the presentation was written PIER group pressure.

Some in the audience pointed out the mistake to others (accompanied with snickers and chortles and even mimed actions of reeling in a fish).

The presenter could feel the audience attention slipping away – his confidence was broken and he never recovered for the rest of the presentation.

word nerd CU

As a word nerd/business communication trainer I get paid to help make sure these mistakes don’t happen in business presentations.

I work with business people who are far smarter than I am. My talent is…

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