Speaking English for Business – special help for Korea Pt 3 – B

Choose the Right Words

In this part of our series on helping people from Korean backgrounds pronounce English words we look at the B part of the A B C technique.

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Part A dealt with Awareness of the main pronunciation challenges for Koreans speaking English – link at the end of this post.

B – (this post) – deals with BRINGING FORTH and BOLDING the problem words.

If you (the speaker) have an electronic copy of your speech or your PowerPoint presentation – you can do a search for words with the problem sounds (discussed in Part 2) or you can go through your speech manually and mark the problem sounds.

Once you have brought forth and bolded the problem words you then:


2. Reduce

2. Rehearse until you master the problem sounds.

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I’ve helped people from Korean backgrounds master problem words. The best illustrative examples…

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Speaking English for Business – special help for Korea Pt 1

Choose the Right Words

If you have trouble speaking English and pronouncing English sounds – you are not alone.

I help people from lots of different backgrounds – Japan, Korea, Russia, France, Germany, India, Italy, Singapore, China, Spain,  various South American countries (to name a few!)

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Many people who come to English from a different language, find it hard  to correctly pronounce certain sounds that are unfamiliar to their background. English speakers also often have trouble reproducing unfamiliar sounds from other languages.

I mainly help people quickly and effectively  improve their spoken English for Business presenting.

Other “teachers/trainers” are better if you want to cover English in other broader (beyond business) situations.

I will mainly come in and help people improve their Business English for business situations.

This post series concentrates on the challenges Koreans often have in speaking English.

From my experience with the Koreans I have helped, many can be very effective…

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