Speaking English for Business – special help for Korea Pt 2 – Awareness

Choose the Right Words

You can quickly check out the introduction and context for this series of posts in Part 1 – here:

Part 1 – intro

I’ll outline a 3 step process to help people from Korean backgrounds speak English for business presentations and meetings.

A – B – C

Awareness of problem sounds

Bolding problem words in a speech or presentation

Correcting problem words through repetition and practice.

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Part 2 – deals with Awareness of  main problem sounds in pronouncing english words for Koreans.

From my direct experience working with Korean business people – the main problems are with consonant sounds that do not exist in Korean – especially the TH sound – in words such THem and THings.

Actually many languages including European languages such as French do not have a TH sound – so words are often pronounced with just the T – Things sounds like

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