Whips and Hooters and Cross-cultural mis-communication

doubleshot media

Lots of laughs and cross-cultural communication today at my son’s cross country at school today.

O big finish

I love hanging out with the  parents originally from South Africa and finding out:

1. their expressions I find unusual

2. Australian expressions they find funny and unusual.

Often, it’s the “little things” – like the mum who thought a whipper snipper was something “kinky”.

She just “heard” the whip part 🙂

For those who don’t know –   in Australia, a whipper snipper cuts down weeds.


The mum said that  in South Africa they call it a weed eater. In the US they call it a brush cutter or a weed whacker.

Mmmm –  Whacker is a word to be careful of in Australia unless you are talking about the  WACA – the Western Australian cricket stadium.

Also, two South African mums were talking about having a nice “flattie” for dinner.

I thought a…

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