This simple trick will help you use FLOUT and FLAUNT correctly

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Lots of people get FLOUT and FLAUNT confused. Here’s an easy way to remember which one to use – and when.


This post was inspired by reading advice from a very smart and experienced international expert who used flaunt when he should have written flout.

“If there is a dress code, you flaunt it”

I think he meant to write FLOUT – as in to not obeyto disobey or ignore.

If you FLAUNT it – you show it off.

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To remember just think:

Flout = FlOUTLAW – someone who doesn’t obey a law or rule.

I know it’s simple – but simple works in remembering what word to use.

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I often help people who are much smart than I am. My “skill” is helping people use simple memory devices to remember to use the correct word.

So, just remember if you disobey a law or corporate command…

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