Danger in your business presentations – beware of idiomatic expressions such as “pull the pin”

doubleshot media

grenade and pin

If you are a naturally expressive or casual person, you need to be careful when using colourful, casual expressions in business presentations – especially with idiomatic expressions that are understood by one group but easily misunderstood my other people.


I was recently training multi-cultural communication in Singapore and I used the example of “pulled the pin”.

To many Australians – this expression means that something has stopped – that it is not going to proceed. The expression originates from pulling the pin that connects the tractor and the plough. To stop work – to disconnect

An American in the group said he thought the expression meant the opposite –  that a project was committed to happen – as when you have pulled the pin on a grenade – you need to proceed and throw it. You are committed!

As you can see – two opposite meanings. The use of this…

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