Weather or whether? Another common word confusion problem: Here’s an easy way to remember the difference

Choose the Right Words

Do you have much contact with business people in their twenties?

word nerd CU

I get to work with lots of talented young people. They amaze and impress me with their  confidence and talent and ease with technology. They are so much faster and capable that I am with technology.

But there’s  still one area where they look to me for help. One area where the “village elder” is of value – knowing “the old ways” of the written word.

Sometimes these young people need to communicate with “older generations” – people in authority in business or clients or customers who care about correctness in writing – things such as spelling and using the correct word.

I’m often called in – just to make sure these super-smart young people get the little things right with their word choice.

Often I pick up mistakes that spell check wouldn’t catch – mistakes such as…

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