Warning: do NOT make THis embarrassing mistake with THis Challenging Sound

Choose the Right Words

My female friend was shocked, frightened and offended by the man’s rude remark.


When the man saw the worried expression on my friend’s face – he knew he had said something wrong.

He desperately tried to gesture to make his meaning clear – YOUR TEETS – I LIKE YOUR TEETS. YOUR BEAUTIFUL TEETS!

He moved closer to explain. She moved back in fear – then she understood.

YOUR TEETS – he said pointing to his own TEETS (his teeth)

You see, this man suffered from  what is a common problem for many people who speak English as a Second Language.

Many ESL speakers (Including Turkish and Hindi and  French and German) have trouble saying the sound TH. The sound does not exist or is not common in their language.

So I recommend that you:

1.practise until you master the TH sound or

2.add a…

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