One of the most common Business English word confusion mistakes – and how to fix it

Choose the Right Words

Can you guess: what’s one of the most common word confusion mistakes –   for ESL (English as a Second Language) business people?

To native speakers this may seem so basic – but to ESL speakers/writers this mistake is  so common.

The mistake is: confusing ADVICE and ADVISE.

Mistakes such as:

Please advice us…

Thank you for your advise .

My advise to you is…

I advice you to…

TB training group

When I help organisations improve their writing, I’ll study samples of writing and look for “areas to improve”.

When I work in Asia (and even when I help people from French and Spanish backgrounds I see so many examples of writers mixing up advice (the noun) and advise (the verb).

Both words are proper words – so spell check doesn’t pick up the error.

It’s funny. I’m often helping these super-bright business people – and using such simple…

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