Don’t step into this BEAR TRAP of Business English word confusion!

Choose the Right Words

“More mature”* business people can tend to take proper spelling for granted.

Younger business people think spell check will save them from the bear traps of  word confusion!

But what about word confusion between similar words? Like BARE and BEAR?

Did you know BARE and BEAR have so many meanings – and in the business world (especially in finance, law and insurance) – many people use the wrong BARE!


Please bear in mind that many people from younger generations were taught the bare minimum of English  grammar and spelling (they had so many other things to learn!)

For bosses – the bad spelling and word confusion can be  more than they can bear.

A boss can  get annoyed –  “like a bear with a sore head”!

More mature* generations had spelling drummed into them at school.

(*”More mature” is a more polite  way of saying “older” – the  younger…

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