Don’t be a “looser” – remember the difference between loose and lose

Choose the Right Words

No wonder people find English confusing

Just try this exercise to see for yourself.

Say the word  – CHOOSE.

Now apply the same pronunciation to the word LOOSE.

Any yet LOSE not LOOSE is pronounced like CHOOSE.

It’s funny I’ve helped serious business people remember the difference between LOOSE and LOSE – and I do exactly the same thing for my 9-year-old son Orlando  with his homework.

word nerd CU

My son learns better through seeing and through tactile learning.

Now he will always remembers how to tell the difference between LOSE and LOOSE.

I heard this LOOSE memory device somewhere else –  and I thought “how cool” and I applied it to help my son with his homework.

belt holes

Just think of a belt and the holes in he belt are like the Os.

When you add another O to the belt and another O to the word turn…

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