A helpful resource to help you choose the right words: adverse/averse and many more

Do you sometimes get a bit confused between similar words – adverse/averse and pandemic/epidemic/endemic and discrete/discreet?

I sometimes have to check – and I’m a word nerd and I  teach this stuff!

This resource will help you. I am not associated with this resource in any way – apart from being a big fan and a follower of twitter.

YUNiversity of rghteous grammar

I recommend this  entertaining and educational resource when I am training serious business writing – even to experienced business writers.

word nerd CU

I like and recommend the resource because it:

1. Reminds us of how many confusing words there are in English that look or sound similar

2  Gives easy-to-remember memory prompts for how to choose the right word.

For example: this  common mistake

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 10.18.30 AM

If you want to remember how to correctly choose between Averse and aDverse – here are memory prompts I use.

Averse – without the D –  just think of versus or vs. – one team versus or opposes the other OR one party in a legal action opposes the other.

I am not opposed to this – I am not averse to this.

aDverse – with the D – is when you face something Difficult or harD – aDverse conditions – aDversity (hardship)

I love helping people with simple memory devices.  The Yuniversity had plenty of great examples.

I liked this Yuniversity  explanation – how to tell the difference between – epidemic, endemic and pandemic.

.    Grammar YUNiversity ‏‪@The_YUNiversity 1h 

For diseases, “endemic” = in a small area; “epidemic” = widespread; “pandemic” = universal. (They get worse in alphabetic order.) ‪#grammar


As the Yuniversity advises: The spread of the problem increases in alphabetical order:




Thanks – now I will remember!

If you are interested in getting quick hits of random righteous grammar – you can follow on twitter OR check out the website.

Here’s a link:


And here’s how to choose correctly between discrete and discreet:




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