When you teach language to others – these words are the hardest to explain

If you are trying to teach words to people – certain words are harder to explain than others.


(Nouns – names of things you can see –  like an OAR are easier to explain than words that are less “concrete”)

My friend Melissa Karydas knows from her real-life experience – having to help her daughter understand the meanings of different words.

In a previous post I shared how I was helping Melissa with some videos that explain how she created a visual learning resource Looking Learning.

If you’d like more context, the link is at the end of this post.

If you are a regular follower of this blog – and you know he background – you can go straight to the video.

Here’s an example of how Melissa uses her talents as an artist and photographer to capture visually what different words mean.


Here’s how she describes a “non-concrete” word like AWE and an adjective like VILE.

She has to show things you can see like an erupting volcano to help explain AWE – and something you can see and imagine feeling (as you step in it) and even smelling – elephant poo!



Here’s a link to Looking Learning:


And here’s the link if you need more context and an earlier video.



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