Learning word meanings – how seeing is better than just hearing

If you are trying to learn new words or if you are trying to teach someone else – here is how:

seeing is better than just hearing


showing is better than just telling

Mel + G

In earlier posts I wrote about my friend  “Motivated Mum” Melissa Karydas who created her own visual  vocabulary teaching tool to help her daughter Georgie who had language learning difficulties.

In you’re interested in finding out more I’ll link to the earlier posts at the end of this post.

Melissa cares deeply about helping other people who have kids with learning challenges and yet she wants to be clear that she is not claiming to be an expert  speech therapist.

She was a physiotherapist by training with a passion for art and a deep need to help her daughter.

So, I’m helping Melissa with some simple, casual VIDEOS where we’ll chat about her experience and how she has had success in teaching her daughter.

Melissa created a visual learning resource –  Looking Learning


This is our first video.

It’s funny, you may notice Melissa’s husband and my mate Terry in the reflection in the photos behind her.

I didn’t notice the reflection when I shot the video – but I’ll keep this in mind for future videos.

I joked that I did this deliberately  to  create a real-life,  non-slick, non-corporate product flavour of the videos!

You can see our video “production” is very down-to-earth and home-y – but as I mentioned to Melissa the people she can help will be also be everyday people in home environments trying to help their families.



Anyway, here’s our first video venture.

(I disclose my bias – I think what she has created in pretty awesome. I have  son with a different learning challenge (very minor in comparison – but still a challenge)

I spend lots of time helping my son learn and remember – so Melissa and I have lots to chat about. She really does know a lot from practical experience about helping kids learn. I’m always getting advice from her!)

Future videos will not have as much wordy context setting!

The main message for this first video:

– If you are teaching language or if your are learning language:

Showing is better than just telling


Seeing what words represent is better than just hearing what  word means.

Here are  links to earlier posts and the Looking Learning site:





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