A new adventure!

Hi, I’m Tony Biancotti and I’ve  been helping people understand English and choose the right words since I was a student in the United States in the late 1980s.


I’m an Australian and I was studying Journalism at a top Journalism School in the US  on a scholarship.

I experienced life as a “foreign” student and made lots of friends with other “foreigners” who were also studying in the US.

Chinese, Korean, Indonesian, and South American students would often confide in me and ask me lots of questions about how to speak and write English correctly (and all sorts of other interesting cultural questions too!)

“You are a very friendly and helpful American!” my foreign student friends would tell me with big, beaming smiles.

word nerd

Fast forward to the present – and I am working extensively inAustralia and Asia – helping “Westerners” communicate effectively with people from different Asian backgrounds AND helping people from all sorts of  ”foreign” backgrounds choose the right words for their business communication.

English can be such a confusing language – so many words look or sound similar PLUS there are so many “colloquial” and slang expressions that baffle people who have English as a Second (or Third) language.

This project was inspired by chats with many of my friends who are media and language professionals.

Many “foreign: students study hard to write and read English – yet often have challenges in speaking the language and choosing the right words.

The goal is to create an expert (and friendly) resource where people can dare to ask any questions they have.

Please feel free to either contact me “privately” with any questions or comments or examples you would like to share or ADD your comments to any of the posts.

Twitter @tonybiancotti

Linked In – under Tony Biancotti

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